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Build better software

Builderoo is a Flutter package that allows users to submit feedback, issues and feature requests directly from your Flutter app

Collecting and responding to customer feedback is crucial to understanding how to add value to a product and improve user satisfaction

Builderoo can help you understand your customers needs and build better software.

Easy to setup

It only takes a few lines of code to integrate Builderoo into any Flutter app,  You'll be collecting valuable feedback in no time

Multi Platform

Because Builderoo is built on Flutter it runs on mobile, web and desktop applications

The plugin is configured solely in Dart so there's no need for native code

Easy to use

Feedback is collected in a central database which you can access and manage through an easy-to-use web console

Who are we

How it works


Get started in minutes

Download the package from and simply wrap the widget around your MaterialApp widget.   It's that simple.

Manage feedback

Use the console to review and act on important user feedback.  Priortise and respond to your customers needs.

How it works
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